YBA’s Steve Craig on 1st “Who’s Who in the Nisqually” interview with Farron McCloud, Nisqually tribal chairman

Nisqually tribal chairman Farron McCloud, Steve Craig
Photo courtesy: Nisqually Indian Tribe

YBA Board Vice-President Steve Craig interviewed Nisqually tribal chairman Farron McCloud on January 26th, as the first guest of the YBA co-sponsored monthly “Who’s Who in the Nisqually” interview.

– “Who’s Who in the Nisqually Watershed: Mountain to Sea”
“I had the distinct honor of interviewing Nisqually Tribal Chairman Farron McCloud last week on stage at Yelm’s Triad Arts Theater.

The interview, open to the public, was the first in a series of 2017 winter/spring and summer/fall monthly interviews titled, “Who’s Who in the Nisqually Watershed: Mountain to Sea.”

The purpose of the Who’s Who interviews is to provide the community an opportunity to learn more in-depth about notable and interesting people who live in our midst, and there are many.

So, it was with this intention that Farron McCloud agreed to be the first to be interviewed, realizing the Nisqually Tribal People were the first inhabitants here. It is not known exactly when they arrived, but it was hundreds, if not thousands of years ago.

Chairman McCloud’s tribal and very personal accounts of tribal life were interesting for me to hear. The many trials and tribulations that started with the Nisquallies being forced off their land to live on a small designated area called “reservation,” and how their great Chief Leschi was hanged for resisting. Indeed, until recent times, the Tribe suffered many hardships, including not having electricity on the reservation until the 1960s, carrying water from the river, and relying on outhouses during that time.”
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