YBA’s Schmier on Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

YBA President Cynthia Schmier
Photo credit: The Cynthia Schmier Team, RE/MAX Country

– YBA President Cynthia Scmhier was officially appointed to the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee
by the Yelm City Council, according to the conditions set forth in the following Staff report:

To: Yelm City Council
From: Michael Grayum, City Administrator
Date: March 10, 2017, (for the March 14, 2017 Council meeting)
Subj: Lodging Tax Advisory Committee Member Recommendations

In 2015, the Yelm City Council adopted ordinance No. 993 establishing the formation of the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC). RCW 67.28.1817 requires the appointment of a minimum of five members to the Committee. Two members must be from the hotel industry which collects the lodging tax, two members must be from agencies who are involved in activities authorized to be funded by revenues received from the tax, and one member is to be an elected official of the municipality who will also serve as chair of the committee.
At the March 7, 2017 City Council study session, Mayor Foster shared that he was resurrecting the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) to support local businesses, bring the community together and use dedicated funds to promote tourism in ways to put “heads in
beds” in local hotel rooms. (Currently, there is $213,000 in the fund. The city receives an average of $15,000-$20,000 per year.) The City Administrator briefed the Council on next steps, which include:
1. LTAC Committee members confirmed;
2. LTAC Committee meets to identify funding criteria, schedule, application materials, Final Report form, and other supporting documents;
3. The application process is publicly advertised;
4. LTAC Committee reconvenes to review applications and make recommendations
to the City Council for distribution of lodging tax funds;
5. City Council approves distribution of lodging tax funds;
6. Applicants complete and submit a Final Report form to the City.

Recommend approval – Confirming of Mayor Foster’s appointments of:
* Margaret Clapp (Owner, Prairie Park Hotel)
* Denise Hibbeln (Manager, Prairie Park Properties)
* Line Critchfield (Executive Director, Yelm Chamber of Commerce)
* Cynthia Schmier (President, Yelm Business Assoc.)
* Noah Crocker (Finance Director, City of Yelm)
* JW Foster (Mayor, City of Yelm and LTAC Committee Chair)
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– “Lodging Tax Advisory Committee Formed”
By Graham Perednia, Nisqually Valley News.
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