YBA-initiated Food Truck Regs. adopted by Yelm

Butt Naked Organics owner Aria Cissney brought her food truck to
the Yelm city council dovetailing with the YBA Food Truck proposal.
Photo credit: Butt Naked Organics.

* YBA President Cynthia Schmier commends everyone involved in seeing this proposal to fruition for Yelm.
“On behalf of the Yelm Business Assn. (YBA), I wish to recognize the hard work of Yelm’s Community Development Dept., the Yelm Planning Commission, Yelm City Administrator Graham, the Yelm Planning Commission, and the Yelm City Council in developing Yelm’s Food Truck regulations. Now, this city has consistent regulations offering Food Truck owner/operators a concise understanding of what is required of them to come and serve Yelm customers. Food Trucks have become a popular asset for communities to drawing visitors. The YBA also acknowledges the contributions of Washington Food Truck Assn. Executive Director Lori Johnson.”

– Yelm City Council adopts YBA-initiated Food Truck Regulations
The Yelm City Council adopted Ordinance 1022 updating the Unified Development Code (UDC) this evening, implementing new and updated policies of the Comprehensive Plan with the following amendment:
Section 16 shall be re-titled “A new section of the Unified Development Code shall be established at Chapter 18.71 YMC entitled Mobile Food Vending.”

Councilor DePinto commented to the Council this is, “making Yelm a little more business-friendly for the Food Trucks.”

– After a 9 month vetting process, Yelm finally has clear Food Truck Regs.
The YBA drafted Food Truck regulations and submitted for consideration as a proposal to the Yelm City Council on September 13, 2016 by then-Executive Director Dan Crowe. These regulations were designed to offer Food Truck vendors clear regulations on operating in Yelm. The city conducted the first city-issues Town Hall public forum in 12 years to include public comment on this proposal.
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The YBA Food Truck proposal for Yelm was recognized and supported by the Washington Food Truck Assn. (WFTA).
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– Yelm City Council passes YBA suggestion
Additionally, the Yelm City Council passed a regulation allowing new water and sewer hook-up fees to be paid on a stepped/graduated basis, rather than payment all at once. This is much, much easier for new businesses to open in Yelm. This was a suggestion proposed by the YBA, though not formally proposed.

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