YBA comments on Yelm Comp. Plan’s omissions

The Yelm Business Assn. (YBA) submitted a written document to the City of Yelm’s Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing on Tuesday, January 24, 2017. The letter stated in-part:

“We would like to note that there is nothing referenced in the Comprehensive Plan update about the city’s plans in developing local business and fostering economic growth in Yelm.”

“We would like to underscore these be considered priorities of planning, bench-marked by goals:
1. Creating revenue
2. Addressing city-required expenses of small, locally-owned “Mom and Pop” businesses that wish to open in Yelm.
Redrafting codes to be less restrictive in order to accommodate a business-friendly environment opportunity, as Yelm has been labeled non-business-friendly. (i.e. change regulations that make investing here cost prohibitive for most, and while not a “cash cow” in the beginning, is a building block to start a vibrant business community.
3. How can the business community help?
Finally, when citizen’s are becoming aware that they don’t shop local and take the time to voice such to the city council, this should be considered more than just a “thank you for your time” response. The fact that our citizens are not staying here to shop hurts us all, and when even our citizens recognize that they do not have the opportunities they need here in Yelm, the problem should be addressed.”

Click here to to read the entire YBA submitted letter.

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