Mayor’s Economic Summit June 15

– From the city’s release: “Mayor to convene Economic Summit”
“Mayor JW Foster today [May 24] announced that the City of Yelm will host a an economic summit with Yelm’s business community at the Yelm Community Center on Thursday, June 15th from 2 PM to 4 PM. The forum will focus on understanding the needs of new and existing businesses in order to review City processes and reduce barriers for continued economic growth.
In March, Mayor Foster launched an initiative to review all aspects of City government to position Yelm to offer a world class business environment.
The three goals of the initiative are to retain existing businesses, make sure small businesses can grow, and to attract new businesses to serve the needs of the greater Yelm community.
The effort will be lead by the Department of Community & Economic Development (formerly the Community Development Department) and will include:
* Create an Economic Development Strategy, of which the Town Hall Forum is an initial step.

* Develop a Downtown Corridor Plan to identify ways to balance the needs of commuters traveling to and through Yelm and the needs of a vibrant downtown business area.

* A lean review of the development permitting system to ensure a streamlined and efficient process, in partnership with the Thurston Economic Development Council.

* The creation of a business development team of stakeholders to serve as a resource to connect the business community with the City.
Partner with the Thurston Economic Development Council to provide small business training classes for new and existing business owners at the Yelm Community Center.

“It is exciting to be able to unleash the passion for community and creativity of our employees and hopefully show the world what can be done when the citizens, business owners, and the City work together” said Mayor Foster.
As the business initiatives move forward, updates on the pieces and parts can be found at the City’s website and on facebook @CityofYelmWA.”

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