BREAKING NEWS ! Council hears Yelm Community Center naming idea – Former Mayor Kathy Wolf

Kathy Wolf
Kathy Wolf

The Yelm City Council heard a suggestion on behalf of the Yelm Business Association (YBA) read by Executive Director Dan Crowe, with the entire YBA Board present, to name the soon-to-be-completed Yelm Community Center for former Mayor Kathy Wolf. The proposal has the approval of the Wolf Family and the formal written letterwas also presented to Mayor Harding and the Yelm City Council.
The YBA listed several accomplishments by this beloved figure including, yet not limited to:
* appointed to the Yelm City Council in 1984,
* elected Mayor of Yelm in 1993,
* instrumental in Yelm becoming one of the first WA cities to reclaim/re-use 100% of the city’s waste-water.
Wolf also served on the Board of Directors for the Thurston County Fair, Nisqually River Council, Capital Medical Center, Thurston County Economic Development Council, Briggs YMCA, and the South Puget Sound College Foundation.
While Mayor Wolf died in 2007, her legacy is still alive in Yelm today. She and her husband Bob instilled their inspiration of public service throughout the entire community, yet nowhere is that proud achievement more demonstrated than in their son Andy’s desire to give back to his hometown as Yelm Schools Superintendent. Our schools’ students have achieved national recognition on many fronts under Andy’s fine leadership, including a recent visit by Gov. Jay inslee.
Click here to read the Yelm Business Assn. letter in full.
Yelm Blogger Steve Klein is a Yelm Business Assn. founding Board member.

Yelm Business Assn. hosts 2nd Town Hall June 16, 6pm – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, Yelm Middle School

Yelm Business Association Town Hall, Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Photo credit: Michael Wagar, Nisqually Valley News

The Yelm Business Association announces a public Town Hall Forum on Tuesday, June 16 from 6-7pm at Yelm Middle School.
Yelm business owners, city officials and the public are all invited to share their views and listen to a report on what this organization envisions for the future and the accomplishments.
Key on the agenda:
* Questions from the audience about the Yelm Comprehensive Plan will be fielded by members of the Yelm Planning Commission,
* the architect hired as consultant on the 1995 Yelm Vision Plan, John Owen, will address the importance of visioning for the future and public involvement in the process,
* the new YBA Citizen’s Advisory Committee will be introduced for the public to participate, represented by a committee Board member.
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– “Yelm Business Association Hosts Town Hall Meeting”
“The Yelm Business Association will hold its second town hall meeting 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 16, at Yelm Middle School.
The mission statement of the YBA reads, ‘To preserve, promote and enhance Yelm’s locally owned businesses by acting as an advocate to local government by improving Yelm’s aesthetic appeal and by encouraging citizen involvement in the community.’
YBA organizers have said the group is designed to be an action-based organization that will try to address problems and find solutions, and that the purpose of the YBA is to bring business people together,” quoting theNisqually Valley News.
Yelm Blogger Steve Klein is a Yelm Business Assn. founding board member.